Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Movie Analysis : Brothers

Directed by : Karan Malhotra
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Karan Malhotra destroys another great original movie!

Karan Malhotra’s 2nd movie after Agneepath, and yet another remake, this time a Hollywood movie ‘Warrior’.  When I saw Agneepath, I felt dissappointed, because the vision Karan had was stupid, way too melodramatic and the feel of angst almost removed from the main character. Same happens here, infact in Brothers, there’s a big change in the writing of Monty (Siddharth Malhotra) character, which is played by Tom Hardy in the original. Here, we see Monty not hate his dad (Jackie Shroff), and just has his anger against David (Akshay Kumar) which is also not exploited. Even Monty-David confrontation scene before their final fight isn’t kept. What we instead see is a addition of their mother’s role played by Shefali Shah, and the entire David-Jenny (Jacequeline Fernandes) love story. This clearly shows how haywire Karan Malhotra went, in an attempt to make it melodramatic and highly manipulating emotions through the background theme or the ‘Gaaye Jaa’ song.

Even if you keep aside Warrior for a moment, which I did while watching it 2nd time. Brothers still won’t appeal much and end up more like a routine action drama movie with some decent performances. And that itself is a huge failure yet again for Malhotra. The idea of bringing David in R2F (Right to Fight) as per Karan needs to be done by parallel cutting to the item song of Kareena ‘Mary’. A song that only voyeuristic people would enjoy.

Its just the performances, the anthem song montage showing the practice drills David & Monty go through and the R2F matches that you enjoy in the end. But since Malhotra directs the movie so badly, it just takes away that feeling of ‘Oh no I dont want Monty to lose, and I don’t want David to lose either’ when that final match arrives. Because you just don’t feel anything for Monty’s character especially. Yes writing is to blame, but I would also say Siddharth Malhotra gave a very weak performance too. He could still had made the character work making the film likeable.

Akshay’s performance is easily the best of the lot, why doesn’t this guy keep away from nonsensical comedies and do more of Baby, and these roles. Hard to understand!

You like Jackie Shroff, despite his loud acting. Shefali Shah is brilliant but sadly in a role which shouldn’t had been part of movie even.

Ashutosh Rana role is cut to just some abuse lines (which censors did not mute for some strange reasons), where did the motivating lines go when David fights in every R2F match?

Brothers works for some good fight sequences, and Akshay’s performance. But the soul of the movie is taken away in writing and Karan Malhotra falters 2nd time in a row destroying the essence of the original movie. Its high time that he stops making remakes of great movies.

Verdict : 2/5 

Monday, 10 August 2015

Reviews - July

Some lines on all the new movies I saw last month..

Minions :

The movie starts with a very funny sequence showing minions are in search of a new villain whom they would serve for, but irony is that whenever they find them, they themselves do something unintentionally stupid to lose/kill them.  The celebrations these minions have when they find a new villain, or the trauma they go through when they can’t find any is also hilarious. Three Minions, Kevin, Bob and Stuart go on a journey to New York where they finally find their new master they would serve for, the super villain Scarlet (voiceover by Sandra Bullock) and this is where the film becomes very inconsistent. The scenes involving Minions are very lovable, but same isn’t the case regarding the Scarlet plot that comes out very ordinary. The movie is still pretty entertaining, and has a repeat value thanks to the super cute minions whose way to emote makes you love them a lot. But, had they worked better on the villain part, this would had been a great movie.

Verdict : 2.5/5

Bajrangi Bhaijaan :

I was highly skeptical from the promos, that Kabir Khan might had compromised and made a routine masala movie to please Sallu bhai fans. ‘Ek Tha Tiger’, Kabir’s last with Salman was a pretty good movie that I had liked. But after watching Bajrangi Bhaijaan, I can say Kabir once again made Salman look great, and do something different than his usual action + comedy. Some or rather most of the credit should also go to the writer Vijayendra Prasad, who is father of SS Rajamouli (Bahubali director). Think of it, there’s only one typical Salman action sequence in the entire movie, which is only place where Kabir tried to please sallu fans more, with a heavy slow motion drama.

1st half mostly belongs to Munni(Harshaali Malhotra), her cute expression and way of saying ‘yes’. Kabir Khan also gets Pavan (Salman Khan) - Rasika (Kareena Kapoor) romantic sub-plot done quickly and quite convincingly too. The ‘5 rs’ exchange scene in bus was quite funny, and also when every time Pavan sees a monkey and stops to acknowledge it. If there’s something that bores you in 1st half then its the un-necessary ‘kuk ru ku’ song.

2nd half belongs to Chand (Nawazuddin Siddiqui), a Pakistani reporter inspired from a real life reporter. Nawazuddin gets the nuances so perfect, and his way of calling Pavan ‘begum’ was hilarious when he has to get into a burqa while avoiding Pakistani police. Also, when he tells him ‘ki tum toh bol doge, hamara naam pavan hai, hum bajrangbali ke bhakt hai, delhi se aaye hai, taaron ke neeche se aaye hai’, and when he has to pretend against a fake father-in-law. Nawaz gives plenty of enjoyable moments not just with laughs, but with sentiments like when he tries to help Pavan making his story get to some news channel, but all of them deny and his dialogue ‘nafrat aasani se bik jaati hai, mohabbat nahi’. And then the video he creates showing his love for Pavan and Munni, making it go viral on internet.

What doesn’t work however is the climax (not the end scene, the one before that) which is very manipulative. But the end scene is superb, something that could easily make your eyes moist or even make you cry (not the cynics).

In a way you could connect character of Pavan to Salman’s real life.. how he likes to speak truth and gets himself in trouble. Salman gives a very pleasing performance in this movie, the emotional bond he has with Munni and the friendship with a Pakistani reporter. Even his slow motion entry song is well placed and is likeable. Just like his last movie with Kabir, here also his shirtless scenes comes in a blink and miss 3 second scene, which is actually a police interrogation one, so its not forced.

Some comparisons can be drawn with a very good old movie of Rishi Kapoor’s Henna, in which Rishi is helped by a Pakistani girl to reach back to his own country.

One small rant though, they should had cheated properly while showing cricket matches. The movie starts with a cricket match when Shahida/Munni isnt born yet. And then at Pavan’s place, we see Munni watching the same old match live again. Uff!

Nevertheless, Salman-Kabir duo once again gives us a very good movie to enjoy.

Verdict : 3.5/5


When I saw the trailer, I was like what the hell is wrong with people, why they going ga ga over it. Even thought of not watching the movie, but then with all the praise, gave it a go and boy what a big regret it would had been if i had skipped this movie. Now I am addicted to it, seen it numerous times.  Its a visual treat, with spectacular story-telling and a background score that adds emotional layer to the screenplay.

Except for the love-track of Shiva/Bahubali (Prabhas) - Avantika (Tamannah) and the item song Manohari, there’s not a single moment in movie where I lost interest.  And yes, unintentional comedy when Shiva dances after lifting and placing the shivling near waterfall.

I just love the scene when Shiva promises Avantika that he would go and bring Dev Sena (Anushka Shetty) back. And the scene that follows it. Director SS Rajamouli knows how to make a scene  dramatic perfectly (and not over-dramatic), something I associate with Nolan a lot.

Its first time I have seen Rana do a negative role (he’s done only supporting positive roles in hindi movies), and how well it suited him, the first scene of his just confirms that he would nail this role. Infact Prabhas at places faltered when it came to the flashback sequence of Katappa (Satyaraj)

VFX work done is brilliant, makes most of the film looks very real. Be it the opening title of ‘Bahubali’ or the amazing war sequence at the end that keeps you to the edge of your seat.  Also some eye pleasing visuals whether computer generated or by the cinematographer, you feel like being there.

And ofcourse the question, why Katappa killed Bahubali, the answer coming in the 2nd part early next year. Cant wait for it.

Bahubali is easily one of most entertaining masala movies I have seen at such a large scale, that makes sense most of the time and even works in the most cliched moments like the one where Dev Sena continously says ‘mera beta aayaga’ reminding of Karan Arjun. Would had given it a full 5 if the love story and item song weren’t part of movie.

Verdict : 4/5 


The director Nishikant Kamat strikes back after a very average last movie ‘Force’. You need to be very patient though, as the starting 20-25 mins are used up to build the scenes which would hold a major importance in the main plot that comes in 2nd half. Music could had been better though, specially when its Vishal Bharadwaj as the composer, only carbon copy was likeable but then Kamat uses just two of them in narration.

We get the idea of how a 4th class fail Vijay (Ajay Devgan) who is now a cable operator, has a deep passion of watching movies and learn a lot from it, as seen in a scene where he helps two people get justice.

2nd half is absolutely gripping, the tussle between Tabu and Ajay, both trying to outdo each other at being smart, one through building lies perfectly and the other trying to find the truth in any possible way. And then the two main twists, first one is predictable, but the other one not so. Tabu is terrific as always, but its Ajay who steals the show for me. Kamlesh Sawant is brilliant as a bad cop.

Over-use of 4th class fail dialogues should had been avoided.

Drishyam keeps you to the edge of your seat for major part of 2nd half, with a plot that has no loopholes.

Verdict : 3.5/5