Thursday, 7 May 2015

Sneak Peek : Piku - Father-Daughter Jodis in Hindi Movies

With Piku releasing tomorrow,  lets have a look at some of best Father-Daughter Jodi’s in our movies since 1990 (seen very less movies before that).

1. Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge 

Amrish Puri - Kajol
Amrish played a very strict father to Kajol, who would believe that his daughter would never disagree or hurt his feelings. That was the time when Amrish Puri was most likable actor in father roles (before Amitabh took over). And who can forget that dialogue ‘Jaa simran jaa, jee le apni zindagi’.

2. Maine Pyar Kiya 

Alok Nath - Bhagyashree
Bhagyashree was like that sweet and innocent daughter, with Alok Nath coming to her rescue in a scene where Salman’s family questions her status. Apart from that, another scene that I love is when Alok realizes Salman is perfect guy for his daughter. I know these days Alok Nath is just a person to make fun of for those sanskaar jokes, but for me he remains as one of very good actors our Industry has had, this movie just a small e.g. of it.

3.  Gupt 

Paresh Rawal - Kajol
So here was a father who tried every possible way to protect and hide his daughter’s wrong doings. He even  takes the blame of murders she commits on himself. Kajol’s performance in negative role was widely praised, and Paresh Rawal was quite effective too.

4. Kya Kehna

Anupam Kher - Preity Zinta
Priety played role of a pregnant girl whose lover refuses to marry her. There was the routine drama ‘what will society say’ scene from Anupam when she decides to give birth to the child. Anupam Kher’s love for her daughter was seen in one of best scenes of movie where he gets angry at Priety’s brothers for keeping her chair at dining table, and few minutes later he apologizes to them as they start finding her together. Easily one of those films where father-daughter plot had a bigger part to play.

5. Mohabbatein 

Amitabh Bachchan - Aishwarya Rai
Although they both shared very less screen-time in movie, it was so lovely to watch the duo together. She plays role of a girl who falls in love with a guy from Gurukul that is run by his father. The same ‘You can’t love/marry someone against my wish’ comes into play.  Love the final emotional scene in the flashback where Aishwarya kills herself telling she can never betray his father but she can’t live without him either. Special mention to how beautiful Aishwarya looked in the Indian attire in this movie.

Most of these movies have Father-Daughter relationship as sub-plots, but Piku looks like completely based on it from its excellent promos and could well be the movie to talk about in future if it turns out to be very good.


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