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Movie Analysis : War Chhod Na Yaar

Directed by : Faraz Haider
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Not a good 'First War Comedy' film. 

Read at your own risk, the post is full of spoilers.

Labelled as 'First War Comedy' movie of India, the first time director Faraz Haider has good intentions over a war between India and Pakistan shown in a light humurous manner. But, the script and screenplay dissappoint.

Right from the first scene, where the shot is edited mysteriously making you feel the film might start on a serious way sequence, and then cut to the real action that actually happens. On border, Sharman Joshi (Indian side) and Javed Jaaferi (Pakistan side) have a friendship like nature towards each other, but they do behave like enemies when a war is declared. There's a scene where Sharman intentionally makes sure no one in their camp gets killed, and similarly there's no one in Pakistan camp who has thoughts of killing anyone in real sense. There are some funny food references as well as antakshari scenes.

But where the film lacks, is the scenes that doesn't involve Sharman-Javed pair. One plot is of Sharman-Soha love, which is badly cliched and boring to the core, to worsen it, this plot has 2-3 songs attached to it.. that sums it up. Other plot is of Dalip Tahil who plays a triple role, but the way its presented, its more of a irritating character. The intention here was to show how wars are made by these political people of both countries, and other countries who make use of the opportunity, but the execution fails.

Another sub-plot is of  3 Afghani guys who keep getting fooled, which very much worked for me as Mukul Dev shines in that small role.

The final 20 minutes of the movie expectedly tries to go patriotic, and to certain extent preachy. Also, during the movie, there's scenes of young teenagers discussing political developments between India and Pakistan, and war issues among themselves, and facebook friends.. which was another weakly directed part, also acted badly.

What you take away from the film is the performances of Sharman Joshi and Javed Jaaferi. Specially Javed who hasn't got the right lengthy roles in the past.

 Sanjay Mishra gets 1-2 good scenes to shine, the spoof on Sunny Deols dialogue from Border was super funny. Manoj Pahwa is wasted.

Overall, War Chhod Na Yaar despite its noble intentions, couldn't end up as India's first well made War Comedy movie.


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