Friday, 26 October 2012

Taken 2 [Views]

Directed by : Olivier Megaton
Imdb link ->

If I kill you, your other sons will  come and seek revenge ? 'They will'. And I will kill them too.

There are films that are so much performance oriented, that even if its weak in rest departments, it matters very less as the movie has made a impact on you. Taken2 falls in that category for me, for the performance of Liam Neeson. I loved his performance, mind you that doesn't mean I am saying its a oscar worthy.

I haven't seen the 1st part yet, so I assume the starting 5-10 mins where Murad (Rade Serbedzija) pledges to take revenge of his son, must had been killed in last part. Retired CIA, Bryan (Liam Neeson) asks his ex-wife Lenore (Famke Janssen) and daughter, Kim (Maggie Grace) to come to Istanbul and spend some time with him, which would be a pleasant change for them too. But, he isn't aware that Murad is planning revenge not only against him but his wife and daughter too. Bryan and Lenore gets taken by Murad, but Kim escapes. Bryan insists her to go to embassy and be safe, but she has other plans as she wants to help her father and mom.

The love track between Bryan and Lenore doesn't work to me, again I am taking a guess that in part1 there would be scenes that describe how their relation failed. Maggie Grace over-acts a lot. While Rade Serbedzija never interests me, as normally the villian should be much more powerful but he never appeared to be so. The ending very much justifies that statement.

Liam Neeson is beyond brilliant, the way he uses memory when his eyes are closed to remember places on basis of voices he hears and the time it takes to reach a particular place (Reminded me of a hindi film qatl). And then later, he uses that same memory to relocate to the place where Murad is hiding. He's always one step ahead of his enemies, and the only time he misses is when his wife makes a mistake.

The action sequences are very good, they had the 'bourne series' feel, not just for the action but also the background score. Dialogues are good, especially Liam one's.

Taken2 is likeable only due to Liam Neeson, single handedly he carries the film from the start till the end.

Argo [Views]

Directed by : Ben Affleck
Imdb link ->

The whole country is watching you ... they just don't know it. 

The movie begins with a small history about U.S, and Iran.. and the developments taking place in those countries. Its a quick 5 minute voiceover (pretty much like Piyush Mishra opening credits description in GOW1). And the 1st shot that comes after that, is a very large amount of people gathered outside the U.S Embassy in the Iran, to protest against a leader named 'Shah' being taken in the embassy, and not killed yet. There was hatred among the people for Shah, and they broke into the embassy leaving the people present inside the embassy in total panic. Just 6 americans inside the embassy managed to escape, rest all were taken hostage. The 6 americans were kept hidden by a canadian ambassador, which was known only by a US CIA spy agency.

CIA's exfil, Tony (Ben Affleck) expert puts forward a plan of acting like a film production person, he would make a fake canadian movie that requires a certain location in Iran to be visited, and the 6 americans would be the crew of the movie, who would flew back with Tony. The problem for Tony is, not only he has less time to promote a fake movie that looks real, his own CIA people aren't pleased with the movie idea, and may anytime change the plan.

The film is based on a true story, its a history based film.. yet its full of humurous moments thanks to the part where Tony goes to meet the Hollywood people, Lester (Alan Arkin) and John (John Goodman) to help him in the fake movie idea. Both Lester and John were amazing to the extent that in what was a very serious movie, their scenes would almost always bring a laugh or two. Lester's 'Argo fuck yourself' was hillarious. And the dialogues written were funny too, 'This is the best bad idea we have Sir, by far'.

All the 6 actors playing the american characters, portrayed the dread and scared look pretty well. Kathy (Kerry Bishe), acts like a professional movie crew member, by taking the photos of the Iran market location where Tony takes all of them, only to get into unexpected kind of trouble. Cora (Clea Duvall) polite query to Tony 'Can we rehearse once again' when Tony is feeling 'all lost', and Tony telling her 'You did quite well, Cora.. have some rest now'.

Joe (Scoot Mcnairy) has two scenes of his own, one where he expresses how he has made Kathy suffer in all this revolution, but the main one where he surprises not just Tony but the audience is at the airport.

Ben Affleck brings a calmness to the character of Tony, even when there appears to be some problems in his married life which ain't given any importance understandably as per demand of the subject. The dejection on the face of Ben when he feels all preparations went waste, the surprised look when he sees the confidence in Joe to help everyone, the happy look to see Cora trying and practising so hard, and the slightest of smile he gives during one of the key scene in the movie. The reason why its easy to connect to his character is, that he keeps it simple.. never tries to be over-smart, always shows the fear that is always there in him at every checkpoints of airport, or while he is in Iran.

The airport climax sequence is without a doubt nerve wrecking, you won't be able to move out of your seat, and you wont either be able to make a guess as to whether Tony would succeed or fail, as both have equal probabilities. Special mention to the fast editing done in that sequence, that builds the tension much more.

Also, I liked the fact that the rehearsals sequence are shown very less, as the fear of the 6 americans and how much vulnerable they would be, was required to be exploited.

Excellent direction, writing and screenplay (though its very much linear), there are some cliches done in the narrative but all that just adds to the drama of the movie. Special mention to the light background score at the final shot of the movie, love when films end that way.. it increases the liking.

Argo is among the best Hollywood movies that have come out this year, probably I loved it as much as I loved The Dark Knight Rises. I have a feeling, Argo is gonna get nominations in Oscar awards. Yup.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Movie Analysis : Student of the Year

Directed by : Karan Johar
Imdb link ->

It takes courage to make a film with 3 newcomers as leads. Varun Dhawan (David Dhawan's son), Siddharth Malhotra (a model) and Alia Bhatt (Mahesh Bhatt's daughter). Its not these three who lets the film down, but its the script and the narration thats full of faults.

The narration style follows Barfi way, a person in hospital and the people present there narrating the story to us, with the exception that it doesn't go into flashback within flashback mode. The story then begins about Rohan (Varun Dhawan) and Shanaya (Alia Bhatt), who study at St.Teresa High School in Dehradun. Then, enters, Abhimanyu (Siddharth Malhotra) which instantly brings a fight between him and Rohan. Over the time they become good friends, while Abhimanyu starts to fall in love with Shanaya. The dean of the school, Yogendra (Rishi Kapoor) starts the routine annual competition of the school 'Student of the Year', and everyone including the 3 main leads would go to any extent to win the trophy.

To introduce the lead characters with a highly extended and total glam way was something that didn't please me. In K3G, Kareena Kapoor had such entry too but it worked because it was short and sexy. But, in this case.. it looks over-done.

Having a gay character, that is played by Rishi Kapoor.. and a dialogue between Rohan and Abhimanyu 'kiss toh nahi karega?', 'Nahi, gale bhi nahi lagunga'.. was kinda of un-necessary especially when you have got a certain kind of image as a person in the eyes of lots of people.

The treasure hunt was completely not required among the chosen categories for the competition, while Cycling was poorly directed. Or maybe Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander magic came into my eyes. The pre-climax as well as the climax scenes are so poorly handled by Karan, least expected from him. Also, what was it to show off the leads coming out of water, and posing around.. be it Varun or Siddharth or Alia... almost made me think if I have come to watch a photoshoot. While, the football match had so much similarity with 'Chak de India', remember two strong players not passing the ball.

The wedding sequence where no dialogue is kept and a plain background runs for around 2-3 mins was the one where Karan Johar touch was visible in full flow.

'Velle' was the best song in the album, and it was well picturised too. Good to see 'Kajol' in a 5-10 second cameo during 'Disco Deewane' song. How she lights up the screen even in those few seconds is unbelievable. 'Ishq wala Love' was romantically filmed, even though I don't like the lyrics but the romantic feel in the song is very much there. While 'Ratta Maar' 1st part was aptly used, what was the connection while using it 2nd time around ? 'Radha' was nice, but the mixing of 'Dafli wale' brought more life into the song visually, specially Rishi Kapoor's harkats throughout.

I liked Siddharth Malhotra the most among the 3 newcomers. He looked confident. While Varun at places reminded me of Sohail Khan, but his character certainly was more stronger therefore he did have lots of good moments to shine through, specially when he fights with his father or when he shows his will to win the competition.

Alia Bhatt was kinda of doing a extended cameo, she had less screen time. Though she looked way too cute, her acting looks shaky to say for now.

Rishi Kapoor was superb in a character that I already mentioned I would had liked not to be there in movie. Ronit Roy was good. Sana Saeed (small anjali of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai), didn't have the kind of debut she would have wanted I believe, more of a small supporting role. She was fine in her part.

Ram Kapoor was his usual, I guess Udaan was his last best role. Gautami Kapoor never gets a dialogue, probably editor went harsh over her scenes.

Kayoze Irani was decent, he highly over-acted in the scene against the dean.. though the director's at fault here. Manasi Racch was among best in the supporting characters, specially when the urge to win competition enters into her mind.

Manjot Singh was good. Farida Jalal was lovely as always. Boman Irani in a special apperance was funny.

Overall, Student of the Year ends up being too much glam and unrealistic to connect with. It entertains in parts, but the film ends up among the least enjoyed Karan Johar films for me.

Verdict : AVERAGE 

Movie Analysis : Delhi Safari

Directed by : Nikhil Advani
Imdb link ->

A male leopard 'Sultan' (Sunil Shetty, voiceover) dies at a jungle because the humans are cutting the trees with bulldozer and removing any animals residing there so as to use the area for construction purpose. His son, small cub 'Yuvi' (Swini Khara, voiceover) doesn't want to leave the place as her mom 'Begum' (Urmila Matondkar, voiceover) wants her to, so as to save her from being killed by humans. The monkey, Bajrangi (Govinda, voiceover) wants to go on full war with his small sena over the humans, but Bagga, bear (Boman Irani, voiceover) stops him, and says the matter should be handled peacefully by talking to the humans. Therefore, they kidnap Alex, parrot (Akshay Khanna, voiceover) as he only could speak the human language. The journey from Mumbai to Delhi begins, to reach the parliament and put forward the problems of animals. But, on the course of the journey.. a lot of further events happens, mainly due to the rivalry Bajrangi and Alex share with each other.

The animation work looks good, still not upto the level of Hollywood but improvement is visible. Plus, the story was much more interesting, only if the Dialogues were better. The screenplay is kept simple, with the length of the movie being just 90 mins.

Bajrangi and Alex characters work the most for me, both are given very nice looks.. and the tom-jerry kind of treatment they both share for major part of the movie brings in some good sequences. Govinda and Akshay Khanna have done very good job on the voiceover. Also, liked Yuvi, the cub which looks so cute, and perfectly voice-overed by small Swini Khara (sexy of cheeni kam fame). Boman Irani did nice work on Bagga too.

The songs were big road-blocks in the narration. Unless and ofcourse it was meant to be a musical animation film, I would had accepted it, but here the songs are way too many. The song which Sultan sings to manaofy Begum and the one when they meet Gujarati couple on the way to Delhi were the rightly used songs.

The bees sequence was one of the best in the movie.The intro sequence of Alex was funny, for the way it dances on the song playing on tv. And the way leopards hug each other, was nice.

The climax was good, could had got preachy but avoids it.

Overall, Delhi Safari is a decent animation movie. Has its flaws, still it provides good entertainment for most part of the movie.

Verdict : NICE 

Monday, 22 October 2012

Movie Analysis : Cocktail

Directed by : Homi Adajania
Imdb link ->

This is Homi Adajania's second film after 'Being Cyrus'. I haven't seen that one yet, but heard lots of applause for it which in turn meant rise of expectations from Cocktail specially with a good trailer and some very nice music. But, Cocktail doesn't live upto to it.

Veronica (Deepika Padukone) lives a carefree life in London and is a party girl. Meera (Diana Penty) has been betrayed by her husband Kunal (Randeep Hooda), and has no where to go when Veronica meets her and they eventually become roomies come friends. Gautam (Saif Ali Khan), a flirt after almost every girl becomes a guy Veronica falls for initially as a timepass but she later realizes she loves him. But, Gautam falls in love with Meera when they are on a picnic with Veronica and Gautam's mother. Meera is a simple girl who won't like betraying her best friend. It gets complicated for all the three..

The 1st half was very entertaining full of funny moments, but the 2nd half gets very melo-dramatic. Infact the final 20-30 mins were more of a torture to watch with a climax that didn't make any impact on me because I had already lost the connect with the story. The writing by Imtiaz Ali tries to avoid the cliches we see in love-triangle, as there's a scene where Gautam tells Veronica and Meera that we won't play hide and seek, and tells the truth. Still, post that scene the film falls down terribly, blame it Imtiaz who could had given something more into that part, or Saif who never looked in control playing the character, or Diana who's character tries to be too much of 'balidaan' and all.

Veronica's heartbroken sequence in the pub was one of the best scene in the movie. Also humour wise the film had lots of good scenes, like the one where Gautam dances on Sheila n other item songs with the lingerie on and her mother makes a entry. The dialogues were refreshing.

Pritam's music was very good. 'Daaru Desi' showing the love between the three friends, very well picturised. 'Tumhi Ho Bandhu' bringing the happy Meera out. And, 'main sharabi' showing the decline of Veronica. Also, 'Luttna' and 'Jugni' showing the bad phase of all the three friends.

Saif Ali Khan has done this kinda of roles in plenty, still here he looked out of touch. Maybe, the fact that Saif-Deepika did a similar based movie 'Love Aaj Kal' gave the feel of 'not fresh' to me. Some other actor could had brought more life into the Gautam character, especially the one that's split between Veronica and Meera.

Diana Penty gave a very good debut. Though, her character Meera is one that I won't like to see in real.. totally hate such girls who have a habit of crying all the time, total turn-off they are. Thats the reason, 'Tumhi ho bandhu' song clicked a lot to me, as Meera finally had some good happy faces to show. Her dubbing was well done too.

Deepika Padukone easily was the best among all in her performance. She makes Veronica look totally carefree, and a total party freak. How she slowly falls over Gautam, her hatred emerges for Meera, and then the drunk sequence along with the pub one. Or the pre-climax where she notices Gautam closely. Deepika would had got even more applause by everyone if the 2nd Half was much much better than it was in the end.

Randeep Hooda was more of a waste, in a nothing role.

Dimple Kapadia's short cameo was very entertaining, she's always a delight to watch, lovely screen presence as always. Boman Irani was decent in a supporting role.

Overall, Cocktail turns out to be a average film, despite a very good 1st half, Deepika's performance, good music, and some great moments at various places of the film. The second half just couldn't make me like the movie as a whole.

Verdict : AVERAGE

Premium Rush [Views]

Directed by : David Koepp
Imdb link ->

I like to ride. Fixed gear. No brakes. Can't stop. Don't want to, either.

Wilee (Joseph Gordon Levitt) has a job of delivering envelopes given to him by his boss to particular people in the city by riding fast bicycles with fixed gear and no brakes. But, one envelope causes him lot of trouble, as a cop gets after him to get it from him. The envelops contains something thats important for the cop to earn money as he has been losing a lot at gambling, while its also important for a girl Nima (Jamie Chung) who has to set her kid free by letting the envelope reach the person its meant to go to.

The film's narration is based on bicyle for major part of the movie, and yet there is lack of intense and exciting moments that one would expect in such a film. The screenplay was pretty good, the way the time is used to move back and after to tell the events of every character involved towards the envelope. That is the only reason, the film does entertain to a certain way.

Wilee vision of which path to follow when he is near to having a collision while riding bicycle, the escape from the garage and the flashmob were some great scenes in the movie.

Joseph Gordon Levitt was not impressive for me, though I doubt any other actor would had made much more out of this role either.

Micheal Shannon as the cop was very good, be it his own story of making himself lose so much money or the chase he has after Wilee.

Wole Parks irritated me a lot.

Overall, Premium Rush can be called a nice light hearted entertainer. Nothing special though.

Friday, 19 October 2012

The Bourne Legacy [Views]

Directed by : Tony Gilroy
Imdb link ->

It was always gonna be tough for Tony-Jeremy to match the great work Greengrass-Damon had done in the previous 2 parts of the Bourne series (I quite liked 1st part also, directed  by Doug Liman).  And it proved to be that way only after I ended watching this final part of Bourne Series, unless they plan to extend it further.

One good thing they did is they invented new character for Jeremy (Aaron), instead of giving him the Bourne character. That therefore meant some new information that is linked to the Blackbriar and Treadstone, and so 'Outcome' is the program they establish.

The problem with this movie is, its just too slow to kick off. The action sequences aren't that special or exciting as Bourne series always had, though the climax bike sequence was certainly the best in the entire film. Also, the romantic plot between Aaron and Dr. Marta (Rachel Weisz) wasn't written well. And all the scenes where Aaron is on the look out about the unknown events, or the things he ain't aware of .. just doesn't thrill you like it did with Matt Damon who was constantly fighting with his search of own identity.

I felt Jeremy Renner would be total mismatch in this role, but to his credit he did a wonderful job only if he had a good script to support his performance. Special reference to sudden humour he brings in conversations especially with Dr. Marta.

Rachel Weisz leaving asides her over the top scene before Jeremy comes to her rescue, she did pretty well.

Another big disappointment in the movie was the supporting cast. With David Strathairn and Joan Allen used only as special apperances, it was important for the chosen set of actors to make a mark, but their part in the movie is so dull that I kept waiting for Jeremy sequences to enter.

Overall, The Bourne Legacy is better to be not counted in the Bourne series. Jeremy Renner gives some respite with his performance, but a dull script and not so spectacular action like one expected lets the film completely down.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Eega [Views]

Directed by : S.S Rajamouli
Imdb link ->

Nani (Nani) loves Bindhu (Samantha Ruth Prabhu), and just when Bindhu accepts his love after keeping him at a distance for 2 years, Sudeep (Sudeep) kills Nani as he cannot see himself lose. But the horror of Sudeep begins when Nani takes a re-birth in form of a fly 'eega'.

Its very unusual concept that instantly took my attention when I first saw it. And Rajamouli has directed as well as constructed amazing screenplay. He gets done with the love part (which are filmed in a fun and romantic way) very quickly, and leads to the difficulties Nani faces from being a human to a very small fly. How he slowly understands the ways he can use to get the revenge. Also special mention to the memory loss, which lasts for hardly 5 mins.

The reason this movie works a lot, is the fact that it gives large screen time to the 'Eega'(Makkhi) character. When you go to watch the film, it is the character you wanna see the most, and that's what has been done.

The VFX and graphic effects are excellent, special reference to the sequence where Eega make a entry, trying to fly through. Also, those tiny micro artist effects done on the eega like glasses, and foot equipments.

The Sudeep part before Nani dies, and the Nani-Bindhu love sequences hold high importance because if you don't connect to these two parts, then the revenge of Eega doesn't make any difference to you.

Sudeep's tone from the first scene is kept as a guy who knows how to get any girl he likes, with a eye on Bindhu.. his wife is the only exception whom he gives a terrible death. The frustration on his face when he comes to know Bindhu likes someone else. Then later, the way Sudeep enacts the part where he is again and again attacked by Eega. It mustn't had been easy as when the shooting would had happened, there would had been nothing in front of him, he just had to imagine and act it out. So, that makes it even more applaudable performance. The helmet presentation sequence, spa one, and car crash scene were among some of the best ones.

Also, the idea of writing 'I will kill you', 'I am back' and 'Re-birth' in different ways that a Eega would be able to write is commendable.

Bindhu likes doing micro artist activities, and that is later very well used to help Eega. Love the scene where a small house is built for Eega having all basic facilities. And the scene where she takes Eega to cafe coffee day is very funny.

The conversations between Nani and his friend during first 20 mins, or the way Sudeep hides how Eega is making his life hell in front of Bindhu, and the drunk thief sequence provide very good humour quotient to the movie. Also, the reactions of Eega when he wins a battle against Sudeep like the hit spray.

The songs are very well used, both the romantic ones, one is used mainly as background. Though, my fav is the title one, where Eega develops his powers with the help of Bindhu.

Overall, Eega works for me big time. We have seen enough films where re-birth of a person happens, but a re-birth of person into a fly is something new and unique. As long as you dont feel its a nonsense concept, this film is bound to make you laugh and enjoy every moment specially once Eega's entry comes. (for me the film works right from the first scene.. )

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Movie Analysis : Chittagong

Directed by : Bedabrata Pain
Imdb link ->

Another of those history based movies that I enjoyed watching. Though, this movie reminded me of 'Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey' specially the portion where they attack the British places.

The movie is narrated through the point of view of 'Jhunku', one of the leaders in the movement against the Britishers. How he in his early childhood felt the ways to fight against Britishers weren't right, plus he acted as a traitor helping Britishers as he was learning English from the family of one of the British officers.Its matter of time when he realizes Britishers have to be fought against, and he joins army of Masterda played by Manoj Bajpai.

The screenplay is tight, and also good editing. Cinematography is excellent.

How good Manoj Bajpai's performance is, can easily be stated by the fact that in a starcast of many actors that impresses, he still manages to leave a big mark. Soft-spoken, polite and always ready to give advices like a teacher would.. Manoj appears deeply into his character making Masterda very appealing.

Also, Delzad Hiwale who plays younger Jhunku delivers a superb performance. I somehow didn't like the older Jhanku, probably one of the reason why I didn't like the climax that much. Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Raj Kumar Yadav, Dibyendu Bhattacharya and Jaideep Ahlawat were efficient in their supporting roles. The conversation of Nirmal Sen (Nawazuddin) with Pritilata (Vega Tamotia) where he conveys his love for her in a hesistant way.. pretty much reminds of the famous scene in GOW, though the execution here is much different. Also, Vega Tamotia looks very cute in her just 2nd film. She does very well in that police sequence she has in the 2nd half.

I have always slept during History lectures in school, so any film that's well made on a history topic appeals to me very much.

Overall, Chittagong is a very good history based film backed with great performances.

Verdict : VERY GOOD

Movie Analysis : Aiyyaa

Directed by Sachin Kundalkar
Imdb link ->

A marathi girl Meenakshi (Rani Mukherji) falls in love with a Tamil guy Surya (Prithivraj) who is a painter by profession. Meenakshi's engagement is fixed to another guy Madhav (Subhodh Bhave) by her family which in itself has all the qualities of madness. But Meenakshi doesn't know how to convey her feelings to Surya, but she can't resist him as he smells just too good.

There's a character Maina (Anita Date) who speaks in a total childish way with wierd fashionable dresses and dance moves. At start I liked her, but as more of her scenes started to come.. the uneasy feeling crept in. Plus, 'What to Do' song filmed on her dissappointed me, as that was the song I loved the most in the album. Couldn't they find a way to picturise it on Rani..

Meenakshi following Surya everytime, through the smell also is over-done big time. Same applies to the family, who keeps doing things that appear too mad. Only the dream sequences was something that I didn't mind being consistently done throughout movie. Maybe, the director wanted to tell the story about characters that are mad in their own ways, but as a viewer it just doesn't help me in clicking. Even the ending looks ordinary.

For sure, the comedy is present in most of the sequences.. but in totality, the film fails to make a mark. Meenakshi buying drugs, meeting the crazy Maina for 1st time, meeting Surya's mother, and conversation with Madhav during 1st meeting were some of the best scenes in the movie.

Background score is good. Editing is poor, too many long sequences and many un-wanted scenes.

Rani Mukherjee looks so confident, those dance moves she has done in numerous item songs in this film, plus the way she imitates 'Madhuri' in opening credits or 'Rekha' in sava dollar song. Its only her performance that kept me interested in a total dull 2nd half.

Prithviraj has minimal dialogues, but he looks quite effective. Not sure yet though, if he could be successful in Hindi films.

Nirmiti Sawant, mother of Meenakshi was excellent among the rest supporting cast. Also, Ameya Wagh was quite good.

Overall, Aiyyaa has some very good moments and Rani's great performance but the film ends up as a big dissappointment.

Verdict : AVERAGE

Monday, 15 October 2012

Movie Analysis : Bhoot Returns

Directed by : Ram Gopal Verma
Imdb link ->

Tarun (J.D. Chakravarthy) and Namrata (Manisha Koirala) shift to a new house along with their children. Namrata's sister, Pooja (Madhu Shalini) pays a surprise visit to stay with them for few days. But, they aren't aware about the spirit that exists in the house which would haunt and cause lots of problems to them.

The film is full of same old cliches related to horror genre as well as Rgv cinema. The noise created by the opening of door, dream horror sequence, loud background score, the irritating voice of spirit 'bhooooooo' and ofcourse the wierd camera angles of Rgv. The sound mixing was bad too, making every noise loud isn't the way to bring horror, it just turns you off and irritates you, for eg the telephone ring noise is intentionally kept so loud. Clearly, the idea of Rgv was to keep the action of spirit for the final 20 minutes, but holding together for rest 70 mins was the key part. You just can't show one day dialogue scene followed by 1 night invisible spirit scene, and then continue this loop for 3-4 times in a row. It got too monotonous for my liking, plus very predictable.

And, when that time comes where all three Tarun, Namrata and Pooja are scared at night, why does Pooja even sleep in a seperate room. As is the case, the unintentional comedy happens at many places, like when they all are searching for spirit in different directions of house, and when they see each other its followed by a loud laugh, which then gets shortened by the 'bhooooo' noise.

Why Manisha Koirala kept shouting so much, specially at such a little daughter of hers ? Too loud acting, a performance I didn't expect from her. J.D Chakravarthy makes a comeback of sorts, and is pretty good.

Madhu Shalini is decent. Alayana Sharma who plays the daughter Nimmi of Namrata, was very effective.

Some of the best scenes were, Nimmi telling everyone about the imaginary friend (ghost), Shabbo with whom she could interact, and the first major attack by Shabbo along with the pre-climax scene.

Overall, Bhoot Returns is a very loud, non-scary and typical rgv film. Even though its 90 mins in length, the film appears to be too long. And after watching this film, one may just wonder why Bhoot3 is gonna be made.


Friday, 12 October 2012

Movie Analysis : Jism2

Directed by : Pooja Bhatt
Imdb link ->

Duniya pyar ki sirf baatein karti hai .. chalti jung pe hai.

The first thing I did after watching the movie was, unfollow Pooja Bhatt from Twitter, though somehow I stopped myself from doing the same to Mahesh Bhatt.

To start off, the plot is ridiculous. I agree Jism was completely inspired (or copy as people like to say) from a Hollywood film, but its plot and the feel was very good. But, in Jism2 the main plot is silly, asking a porn star Izna (Sunny Leone) to help the Intelligence Bureau in catching a criminal, Kabir (Randeep Hooda) who was once a police officer and lover of Izna.

Inspite of such plot, had they written interesting dialogues and choosen right female lead.. maybe film would had been atleast 25% watchable if not more. There is too much of unintentional comedy throughout the movie. The screenplay is also too simple, with a predictable end if you ignore the silliest twist done for the sake of it.

Editing is very average, fast cuts would had made the film little bit bearable as the narration gets slow at many places. The cinematography is excellent, love the way they have captured Sri Lanka, specially that location where Izna asks Kabir to come. Even, the camera-work was good and different at various shots.

Though, I loved most of the songs.. the kinda of feel Jism songs had never comes in this film, also the background score was a total let down. Only, 'yeh jism hai toh kya' was a song that I could totally connect to, and it was among the worst picturised song in the movie.

Sunny Leone just couldn't act, though she appeared to have worked very well on her hindi diction. It was completely visible how much effort she was trying to put in most of her scenes, which shouldn't be the case for a actor. Also, what was the case with her breathing so fast in almost every scene.. was it the nervous Izna or nervous Sunny ?

Randeep Hooda in the role of police officer was good, but as a assassin he went very much over the top. Felt dissappointed after having loved his last performance in 'Jannat2' to such a great extent. Arunoday Singh was decent in the start, but once he starts to fall in love with Izna, his hamming started big time too.

That final confrontation scene between Izna and Kabir is so poorly directed and written (the only thing consistent throughout the film), I still remember and adore the final scene of John and Bipasha in Jism.. but here I kept looking for something good in the scene, and it never comes.

This is the second film I have seen of Pooja Bhatt, the other being 'Dhokha' which I liked quite a lot. She would need to be really good in her next outing to remove my anger now.

Overall, Jism2 is a complete nonsense movie, with no good acting, story, screenplay or direction. You need a proper story otherwise exotic scenes (though they are very few too) won't have any impact. Its only the beautiful locales and nice music that you take away after watching the movie. The director of Jism though would be happy, pooja bhatt has made his film looked hundred times better.


Thursday, 11 October 2012

Killing Them Softly [Views]

Directed by : Andrew Dominik
Imdb link ->

Another gangster based movie, but this time it fails to make a mark on me. I felt the director tried to experiment a bit too much, for instance the scene where Russell (Ben Mendelsohn) has taken drugs and his point of view shots are shown where the frame blurs, goes black, and takes time for him to realize his friend Frankie (Scoot McNairy) said something to him. Even the conversation between Mickey (James Gandolfini) and Jackie (Brad Pitt) appeared very dull.

The robbery sequence executed by Russell and Frankie, was one of well directed scene in the movie. Also, the one where Jackie kills 2 people, from a distance as he likes to call it. The final dialogue scene of Jackie against Obama was good too. Though the ending was very abrupt, as if the director was forced to edit out proper ending.

Also, the title never goes with the movie.. there's hardly a killing that could be termed 'soft'. Brad Pitt gives a good performance, but not as impressive as he was in 'Moneyball', though less screen time is also a factor in that.

Ray Liotta, looked totally out of touch, maybe to give him a weak looking character was the idea of director, as I remember him for his great performance in 'the goodfellas'.

Even the conversations between Frankie and Russell were kept quite comical, maybe pulp fiction influence if it can be said.

Overall, 'Killing them softly' was a touch boring for me. Except for some good scenes, I just couldn't feel connected to the characters or the story.

Movie Analysis : Kismet Love Paisa Dilli

Directed by : Sanjay M. Khanduri
Imdb link ->

When you are in a theatre with only 4 people, it leads to only two conclusions.. the film hasn't got the right promotion or the film is too bad. Unfortunately, it was the latter case for me.

I have heard lots of good things about the director's last (or his first) film 'Ek chalis ki last local'. Hence, the expectations were definately there. But a poor script, cheap scenes and bad dialogues meant all hopes were gone in the first 20 minutes of the movie only.

Even the suspense they built with Neha Dhupia's character didn't bring any joy because till then I had already started to feel exhausted. Even the thought of leaving film in interval came, and this happens very less for me.. Nevertheless, watched the entire film.

To name a few positives in the film, it would be Ashutosh Rana's 1st dialogue.. he is so effective yet directors don't give him right roles. The 'Appy Budday' song was very fun and nicely choreographed, only song that I liked in the torturous album from a tortuous film.

'Dhiskiyaaun' song comes from no-where into the narration, maybe director thought we are in 80's-90's era. The over-dose of pee sequence, the double meaning references with Vivek Oberoi's friend too often, the extended Ashutosh Rana-Punjabi's fight (if you can call it that) scene. The humour can easily be described as utterly disgusting in this movie. While, the romantic angle between Vivek and Mallika hardly works.

I felt bad for 'Anshuman Jha', to have his character named 'Nunna' and then the sick background run with his each scene. And not to forget, the sudden powers he gets as he starts flying, so when people lose their mind and get mental, they start flying like this ? Anshuman was very good in 'Love Sex aur Dhokha', so bit dissappointed to see him in this nonsense role.

Vivek Oberoi and Mallika Sherawat are okay, they couldn't lift this film with their performances, no scope at all.

Overall, Kismet Love Paisa Dilli is one of the films that you don't want to remember that you saw it.


Movie Analysis : English Vinglish

Directed by : Gauri Shinde
Imdb link ->

Jab apne aap ko pasand nahi karte hai na, 
toh apne se judi huyi har cheez acchi nahi lagti,
nayi cheezein aakarshik karti hai ... 
jab apne aap ko pyar karne lagte hai, 
toh wahi purani zindagi nayi lagne lagti hai, 
achi lagne lagti hai.

Sridevi's comeback movie, and for actors of her talent you never feel that this actor wasn't into films in past few years.

The story revolving about a housewife/mother Shashi (Sridevi) who initially ignores her inability to speak proper english, only to realize that she needs to learn english by joining a coaching class so that she may not be insulted time and again from her own family members.

The ploy of director to delay showing face of Sridevi when opening credits begin was good one. This kinda of film can easily become either preachy or very dramatic. But, thankfully Gauri Shinde opts for a simple storytelling. She never tries to over-build the romantic track between Shashi and one of her class-mate in class, also the climax where Shashi's husband Satish (Adil Hussain) is not shown apologizing to her for making fun of her.. instead there's a plane scene where he feels happy to see the confidence in her.

Satish over-emphasising that her wife was born only to make ladoos and, Shashi's daughter Sapna (Navika Kotia) talking in a rude manner to her mother who's always so kind and sweet with her. These were sequences that didn't please me. But, I guess such families would exist in real.. so to treat it as just 'fiction' may  be wrong.

Shashi speaking to the french guy in hindi, and the guy in french with her.. was another very good thought. As shashi describes why its used in the film 'acha hai na, kuch samajh na sako aur sab bol do jo dil mein hain'.

Its never a movie about transformation from hindi to english speaking, its just a way of telling how one can regain self-respect on their own will power and the confidence in themselves comes right with it. English learning is used just as a metaphor.

Amit Trivedi's music is very good to ears, 'Manhattan' song in the context of the film appeals a lot, and so does 'Gustaakh dil'.

Sridevi so easily displays the uneasiness to speak english, the feeling of dissappointment when she speaks 'Jazz' in wrong way at dining table with her family, how she corrects the servant's english word 'gift' or her son's hindi, making the english professor speak in hindi showing how he also struggles in communicating in a language he ain't good at, the cafe scene where she finds herself in total uncomfortable situation and she quickly runs away from the place bursting into tears,  the 'eagerness in her eyes to learn' when she watches english dvds or weather forecasts on tv. Even in the climax, kudos to director.. she learns only to speak english, not proper english. And yea, her micheal jackson dance move too. Plus, how gorgeous Sridevi looked in those variety of sarees throughout the film.

Adil Hussain gives another effective performance in a supporting role. Shivansh Kotia, who plays Sagar, young son of Sridevi brings some of the lovely cute moments in the film.. special reference to the scene where he tries to tell Shashi about her sister Sapna 'aapko gussa nahi aa rahi' ?

Also, the small cameo from Amitabh Bachchan was very nice.. to see both Sridevi and Amitabh in same frame, and the fun moments they share.

Priya Anand looked very beautiful, and played a nice supporting role who helps Shashi a lot when she reaches New York.

Overall, English Vinglish works for me big time, mainly because of Sridevi and the way Gauri directs the film.

Verdict : VERY GOOD

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Movie Review : Bol Bachchan

Directed by Rohit Shetty

He is one director, whose films dont appear appealing to me from trailers, but more often I end up liking them (Golmaal3 was an exception). Bol Bachchan also gets added with that exception now. 

I liked the way Rohit Shetty uses, old Golmaal (Amol Palekar one) in narrative. That was good thought. But, the reason this film fails for me, is the humour isn't good. The jokes fall flat, and most of the times its a forced comedy. 

For instance, the loud character of Ravi (Krishna Abhishek) is highly irritating. Since there is nothing new in the story, it was important to have a screenplay that keeps you entertained with good humurous dialogues. But such scenes are very less in the film. The climax is completely over the top, and so is the role of Archana Puran Singh that is completely made to look like Comedy Circus.

Songs are more or less irritating, except for one song, where the non-moustache character of Abhishek goes to Ajay's house to teach his sister dance. That song which ends with Ajay dancing too along with Prachi, was good one.

Abhishek Bachchan was decent, he does hams a bit in the 'without moustache' character. Though, his dance test scene was very good. Ajay Devgan's comic timing is once again too good, infact he's the reason you get some laughs out of the film. The way he says the hindi lines in english, or the scene where he says 'Sunooooo..' were hillarious.

Asin looks completely out of the character to me, for me the part where she plays the lover of Ajay in past i.e that irritating Himesh song.. thats where she looks best. Prachi Desai looks cute, but hardly has got much to do in her role. Archana Puran Singh and Krishna Ahishek just hams.

Neeraj Vora and Asrani in supporting roles do good work. While Amitabh Bachchan shouldn't had done the item number, poor choreography as well as the song.

Overall, Bol Bacchan doesn't work for me at all. Ajay Devgan provides some entertainment, but the script and dialogues are a total let down.


Movie Analysis : Heroine

Directed by Madhur Bhandarkar
Imdb link ->

Tum star ho, tumhe actress banne ki koi zaroorat nahi... 

Its trailer was very average, the songs didn't live upto the hype some of the friends of Salim-Suleiman built on twitter. Yet, the name 'Madhur Bhandarkar' kept the hopes alive for me who aint fond of Kareena for some obvious reasons. And Heroine fails like how...

Last venture of Madhur was 'Dil Toh Baccha Hai jee', a light comedy.. but with Heroine, he was to get back to his known cinema i.e Fashion, Page 3 , Corporate etc. The problem here is, that he doesn't show anything new to you. Its like I was re-watching Fashion, the story, scenes, actors maybe different, but the main theme and feel of the film never appeals. Once again, there is a girl who is at the top and then due to her own mistakes falls badly, and thereafter its her struggle to regain the top place. The difference in screenplay this time for Madhur is, that the rise to fame aint shown unlike Fashion, here we are taken directly to the point where Mahi Arora (Kareena Kapoor) is at the topmost position in the hindi films industry. To add drama and suspense (if you may say so), he begins the narration in non-linear way.. to be frank, that was not required at all.

There is the predictability factor with the screenplay, the over-use of typical characters we are now accustomed to in Madhur films, the gays, lesbians (yea thats also there this time). Even, Madhur's direction is so weak that I couldn't feel bad for Mahi Arora after the film ends, could just not connect with the ending.

Also, the story is narrated through a journalist, which also in my view was a wrong move. Madhur should had kept Kareena herself narrating it.

Music is pretty ordinary, with only 'Halkat Jawani' sounding good thanx to mainly the beats this song has, plus the choreography was good too. 'Saiyyan' is decent. The less I talk about the title song, the better. While, the background score is another weak point of this film.

Special Mention to 'Manish Malhotra', his costumes for Kareena especially were completely in synch with the film.

Only Kareena Kapoor's performance keeps you going till the end in this long tiring movie. I wonder if she has seen any of previous Madhur films, if yes.. then its quite silly from her side to do a movie that has nothing new to offer. For me, the scene where she creates a controversy to make her film get success at Boxoffice, was the best sequence in the movie. Mahie's character goes through variety of emotions in there, which Kareena captured brilliantly. Also, liked the scenes where she questions herself, whether she is a good actor even or not ? And, her scenes with the director who makes realistic films.. the struggle she faces to adapt to a altogether new kind of cinema was well portrayed by her. Also, special mention to the confidence and attitude she brings in her walk during the interval scene.

Arjun Rampal was decent, in a role that's not properly etched out. He has one key moment still, when he tries to help Mahie, but feels terribly dissappointed by the lack of trust of Mahie and the move she makes on him.

Randeep Hooda is getting one dimensional for my liking, the chewing gum and the casual approach.

Ranvir Shorey was superb in the small cameo, infact that part of the movie involving him was Madhur's best direction in this movie.

Shahana Goswami was fine. Mugdha Godse is totally wasted.

Among the supporting cast, Govind Namdev as the secretary and caretaker of Mahie Arora was very good, also Divya Dutta in a slighltly glam role as she helps Mahie get back to the top. I liked the style in her acting.. And Helen in a special apperance, had some of best dialogues in the movie.

Overall, Heroine is a very mediocre film, it may appeal to you if you are watching this as your 1st madhur bhandarkar movie, otherwise you are bound to get dissappointed only. Being a lover of Aishwarya Rai's acting, I am happy she didn't do this movie.


Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Movie Analysis : Oh My God

Directed by : Umesh Shukla
Imdb link ->

'An anti god film', just this much of plot is enough to make me little excited even though the trailer was very average.

Until the entry of Leeladhar (Mithun Chakraborty), the film was going in right direction. But this character was so irritating throughout the film, I dont know whom he was idealizing from the real saadhus.. only thing I can say is, I hated each frame of Mithun in this film.

Also, the modern Lord Krishna (Akshay Kumar) appears hard to digest for a start. Though Akshay Kumar does the role very well, he has in the past done such characters that presents him as a very polite person efficiently.. my memory goes way back to the film 'Dhadkan'.

Its Paresh Rawal who carries the film from the start till the end, amazing performance and probably very apt for the role of a person who doesn't believe in God. The scenes to look out for are, where he fools a devoted to god person at his shop, or the way he fights his own case against Mahesh Manjerkar as lawyer, and the one where he reveals various activities of saadhus that has been looting people in the name of God.

Apart from the mentioned characters, where the film suffers is the typical hindi film feel given to lots of sequences by the director, taking the realism away.. for instance the courtroom scenes, or the entry of Lord Krishna or the way modern Krishna uses the key of motorbike to represent Chakra or how easily Tisca Chopra as a reporter gets convinced to Paresh. Also, at many places the film is preachy through the dialogues.. that should had been taken note of while screenplay was formed.

The way they try to bring 'belief in God' in the heart of Kanji Lalji (Paresh Rawal), was to certain extent impressive. Plus, that hospital scene was well done. Also, showing how these saadhus may actually be looting, and do loot people was good thought. That scene where the saadhu is doing anshan in public, and eating in private.. was superb.

Nice small cameo from Om Puri too..

Overall, 'Oh My God' was a film that looses its track, and gets too preachy in the narration. Better screenplay as well as writing would had made the film look better. Still, for Paresh Rawal's performance, and the thought behind the movie.. its a decent watch.

Verdict : AVERAGE

Movie Analysis : Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal

Directed by : Priyadarshan
Imdb link ->

I haven't seen Malamaal Weekly, whose sequel this film is. But, there's hardly any link between the old film, except for the starting scene in the film. Priyadarshan is one director I feel should make more intense and realistic films like 'Aakrosh', but his heart it appears lies in these comedy movies. Here, he once again presents a movie that has got a meaning somewhere, but won't end up making you like the film in totality.

The main reason why the film doesn't work for me is, Shreyas Talpade, he is asked to act so loudly, or maybe thats how he has become now, with his choice of films since some time. There are many times when you would feel irritated with either what Shreyas is doing with his character, or what his character is doing in the story.

Only respite in the movie comes from the two veteran actors, Om Puri and Nana Patekar. In case of Nana Patekar, I would say he may well say opposite to what I said about Shreyas. Nana, these days does characters that have less dialogues, maybe I miss the one who would show his anger with those heavy dialogues. Nevertheless, Nana Patekar does very well in this movie too. Those khana sequenes specially when he enters the house or goes to dhaba were very funny.

Paresh Rawal has a half baked role, and the climax scene just cracks me up with the unusual and typical change of heart I have seen in dozen hindi films. Yea, in real life we change too that quickly, right ?

The girl opposite Shreyas, looked very beautiful.. though her acting was just about okay.

And the songs in the movie appear from no where, forced into the narrative for the sake of it. Only the title song is somewhat nice.

The climax is completely stretched, and predictable.

Among the supporting cast, only Neeraj Vora and Asrani have a decent enough roles.. rest all are totally wasted.

Overall, Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal is watchable only for Om Puri and Nana Patekar, otherwise its a film that has nothing new to offer or remember at all.


Movie Analysis : Barfi

Directed by : Anurag Basu
Imdb link ->

Umeedein ho toh kaagaz ki chidiya ke bhi pankh hote hai ... 

Characters : Barfi (Ranbir Kapoor), Jhilmil (Priyanka Chopra), Shruti (Ileana D Cruz)

Always been a admirer of Anurag basu film-making since Gangster days. I was among very fewest of people who liked Kites too. Barfi works for me a lot, though it hasn't yet over-taken Gangster.

Once again Anurag builds screenplay in a non-linear format. Editing is fantastic. Maybe 1-2 flashbacks are over-done, and could had been done in a linear way. Because to hold attention of viewers for 10 mins, and then shift them to 6 yrs behind/ahead for 5 mins before going back/forward, does disturbs the love you formed for the seen part. Though for me, that problem didn't happen.. and I could easily remain connected with the story. Only, the 2nd last flashback, could had been avoided, that was probably the quickest of all in the film.

Also, the cinematography is excellent. I never have been to Darjeeling, and I so wished to go there watching those visuals which had the romantic feel in them.

Only problem I found in the film was the mystery sub-plot, there were too many flaws in those sequences.. plus it wasn't too hard to guess what was happening, could had so easily written that part in more complicated way like Saurabh says 'ghatiya jasoosi novel ki tarah ghoom raha tha'. It was only the screenplay that allowed this sub-plot look not total silly, which it actually was.

The songs are properly used, love those dance steps of Barfi's father when the lines come 'barfi jab duniya mein aaya'. While 'Kyun' is my fav song from the film, Jhilmil giving rose to Barfi and the smile on Barfi face makes that scene so adorable. 'Aashiyan' has that getting back to happy days mode for Barfi, plus the romantic chemistry it has between Jhilmil and Barfi. While 'Kya karun' very well establishes the young first love of a guy and girl's life. 'Phir le aaya dil' was the only song that didn't go well with the film, only for the reason that I felt the pitch suddenly goes too loud not with the mood of the situation, even though lyrics fit in. Though, personally I didn't like this ghazal either.

Also, special mention to the use of those 3 musicians, just like Anurag did in 'Life in a Metro', though here they are seen just playing their instruments, not singing anything. Plus, Anurag makes use of them to change the time period of the story aptly. Not sure if Pritam was actually there in any one of those 3 musicians ?

The fact that most part of the film is without dialogues, background score becomes important. And Pritam has done great job in that (lifted or inspired). The one theme that plays when Barfi rides cycle towards the train and notices Shruti for 2nd time, and its repeated thereafter a lot. My fav one was when Barfi meets Shruti after 6 years in Kolkata, and its raining. Also, the one that 3 musicians are shown playing all the time.

The heart-broken sequence is the only place where the silent scene is extended and you have to understand through the gestures of Barfi, what he wants to say. The way the scene's built right from the moment Barfi watches Shruti with her fiance, his resistance to keep looking at her hoping maybe she would change her mind, a formal congratulation followed by everything going wrong with head hitting door, umbrella not working, cycle's chain getting broken. And his angst against poor vs rich equation. Since his character is meant to keep everyone happy, he calms himself down, brings smile on Shruti's face and then leaves. Perfectly directed and acted scene.. perhaps my most fav.

Both Ranbir Kapoor (Deaf and dumb) and Priyanka Chopra (Autistic) play their characters brilliantly. They had the toughest parts in the film, and they didn't dissappoint. Ranbir's acting talent has never been a question and here he just builds on the mark he has set in the hindi films industry within few years with yet another performance that could quite well make him win lots of awards next year. Love the 3 scenes where he takes friendship test of his friend, later Shruti and lastly, Jhilmil. There's that scene where he and Ileana are riding bicycles, and the expression of Ranbir is ditto you would had seen Rishi Kapoor in past. And then the scene where he goes to ask Ileana's parents for marriage, reminds me completely of Raj Kapoor though here the reason were mainly the coat looks he had.

It took me probably 3rd viewing before realizing how good Priyanka was in the autism character. Its her character that stays with you even after the film ends, such was the scale of her performance. The constant blinking of eyes, and the way she calls barfi as 'Buhhh fiiii'. She made the character very lovable just like Ranbir did with 'Barfi'. Not to forget that habit of little finger holding to show the people she has trust on, specially the intermission sequence.

Ileana D Cruz was simply marvellous as a debut, to add to it she's my latest crush so it was hard to not think about her when Priyanka's sequences began. The heart just wanted more of Ileana only...  Though she ain't given a role with a health problem, yet her character sketch has lots of complications. To choose between right life-partner, to listen to heart or mind and to be selfish in love at times. Watch the sadness in her eyes when she listens 'Buh fiiii'. The 'Best debut actress' awards are all hers atleast for now. Only place where she looked odd was the old part, where despite the wig she never appeared to be old in reality.

Among the supporting cast, Saurabh Shukla as the tired and frustrated cop excels, he finally does a role that isn't making fun of him entirely. He has got lots of his own moments in the film. Plus, Roopa Ganguly, who plays mother of Shruti, has that key scene in the film in a discussion with her daughter. Also, Ashish Vidyarthi as the father of Jhilmil does good job, only wish the mystery part was properly written to allow him more scope. And Akash Khurana, as well as the female servant at Jhilmil's house were good too.

Jishu Sengupta dialogue 'dobara wapis mat aana', was so cliche and required to be edited. That was the only scene that made me dislike his character despite him having hardly any role in the film.

Lastly, special mention to the end credits sequence, the feel good romantic sequences during old age between two lead pairs. Reminded me of Rab ne bana di jodi to a certain extent.

I have seen all the copied scenes, the charlie chaplin inspirations and the notebook or other films Barfi is inspired from. But, nothing of that takes away my love towards this film.

Overall, Barfi is a film I connected to very easily and Anurag Basu once again gives me a film I can happily say I loved a lot. Its a feel good movie despite a lot of tragedy in all the three lead actors stories.