Saturday, 31 December 2011

Recap 2011 : Count of Films

I saw 55 films this year, just a little more than last year... This year, I made two records. Both with the same film 'Rockstar'. One, to see it 4 times on Friday itself(could had made it five too, had the length of film been small). And other, to see it 11 times in theatre. Don2, was the next film this year, where I went that much mad, as saw it 6 times. There were few more films that I loved too, but didn't really see them as much as I could had. The moods or the mumbai rains or professional life, you can call it any of that.

List of Films                        No of Times I saw in theatre

Rockstar                                          11
Don 2                                                6
7 Khoon Maaf                                   3
Delhi Belly                                         3 
Ladies vs Ricky Bahl                          2
Ra. One                                             2 
Bodyguard                                         2 
Zindagi na milegi Dobara                    2 
Murder 2                                           2 
Shaitan                                              2 
Ready                                               2
Yeh Saali Zindagi                              2 
No one Killed Jessica                        2

I think, I saw lots of films twice this year, could had seen pyar ka punchnama also once more. Also, would had liked to see 7 khoon maaf more times.  Aneways, hope to make new records and see many more films in 2012.

Friday, 30 December 2011

Don2 : Movie Analysis

The fact that Farhan Akhtar's version of Don didn't impress me one bit, helped a lot to love the 2nd part of the series. Fresh dialogues, screenplay, and lot more style.. couldn't had asked for more.

Don2 main plot is about Don's (Shahrukh Khan) plan to remove his enemies and at the same time, get more richer or in short as he himself points out 'become the badshah, the king of the world'.

What impresses me the most, is the style Farhan Akhtar has brought into the film. I am very fond of watching a scene having lots of style, and Shahrukh so wonderfully does it in the entire film. Its the very reason I love Dhoom2 which many don't like either.

Also big thumbs up for the way, Farhan fastens the part where 'Don and Vardhan' escape from Jail. And proper screen time given to the part where the whole plan of Don is discussed. A lot other film-makers would had done opposite than this!

Its hard to imagine who else would had done justice to Don apart from Shahrukh Khan. He has made the character very much his own now. Mind you, I am not taking anything away from Amitabh Bachchan.. I am his big fan! But, the difference lies in, Amitabh's version was more of a mean Don which was also very limited, as we see more of Vijay only. While Shahrukh's version does include being mean, but he brings extra style which he loves doing too, and the menacing laugh he does before striking an enemy or delivering a punchline, or the way he says 'Sweetheart'.

The reason for comparison is just the character of 'Don', otherwise Don2 has nothing to be compared with Amitabh's Don. That's why I always say, make a new film, with old film's characters but fresh story and screenplay. See, how well it works!

The script and writing has been criticised a lot.. I will comment in the spoilers section below on all that. For me, the script and writing had very few flaws, to a certain extent negligible.

Farhan's direction is once again top-notch. I love directors who know how to take the best out of their actors, which Farhan always does. The screenplay is very good, keeps you guessing what's next ? Editing too is impressive and one of best this year. Cinematography is good, I loved the sea shot the most, both at start and at end of the film. The action scenes were much better, Shahrukh looked  better in them, unlike Ra.One. The dialogues were super, loved the punchlines.

The songs, just two of them are used perfectly with the narrative. Zara dil ko thaam lo brings that amazing retro feel, and seriously, what editing and choreography! Special mention to the background score, I specially love three of them the most 'the opening scene where he is in boat', 'reaching zurich one' and the one that follows the dialogue 'kahan hai woh'.

Priyanka Chopra was not upto the mark but maybe that's how she was to be. (More on her in spoiler's section)

Boman Irani was marvellous, he plays the grey role very well. Lara Dutta looked so hot, and a cameo perfectly suited for her.

Ally Khan was impressive in his supporting role, might get more offers in future. Nawab Shah's expressions were perfect, that of a person who believes he is strong enough for person like Don, not realising who he is competiting with.

Sahil Shroff was okay. Om Puri has hardly much to offer in his role. While Kunal Kapoor has his moments in a supporting role.

Some of the best scenes ----
• Opening Don sequence, boat one.
• Every conversation Don has with Roma.
• 'Aa gaya laut ke dekho don' line, the expression of Don. Have to save that shot once Dvd releases.
• The car chase sequence.
• The way Don says 'koi saboot nahi, toh koi gunehgaar nahi'. Excellent, and style in it too!
• When he says 'ab mujhe koi nahi rok sakta', the eyes makes you believe that he is so true when he says that.
• The climax

Spoilers (Read the next part only if you have seen the film) ----- 

Don-Roma during the pre-climax part. Almost everyone disliked it, to a certain extent the reason to not like the film was much to do with this. Now, here's my take, how I think it was...

Its known that Don had the plan to get caught by the police, then as he expected while offering a deal to police they won't agree and hence the diwan factor comes in, which meant he can't be touched by the police in future anymore. To add to it, he had the disk as a gift token to the police, afterall.. it meant nothing to him. Why should it, when he has the plates ?

So, while he accepts to help Roma and her team, in diffusing the bombs, and getting the hostages back safe. He decides to have some talks with Roma, tries to know whats going in her life. Yes, he is interested in her.. but not at the expense of his plans. He tries to keep her emotional side on, with dialogues like 'tumhe kaisa laga jab maine kaha' and 'I wanna be free from this world n police'. With that latter dialogue, he totally gets her emotional, the plan's working! Also, he asks 'tum ab bhi mujhse pyar karti ho', just to check what she has to say. He saves her life too, to further add the sympathy factor in favour of him. And now, the final act he does.. trying to stop her from going inside, saying 'tumhe khatra ho sakta hai'.

He could had gone alone, after all his tactics to fight both Vardhaan and Jabbar were in place. But, to divert Vardhaan and Jabbar from him.. he feels she would help him more. A risk he takes, because Jabbar's bullet could had killed her too (though a cinematic liberty happens here which shouldnt have). Now, here's the first clue Boman gives to entire proceedings happening till now to us through 'maine aksar dekha hai, aisi situations mein, aurte bahut kaam aati hai'. Thats what Don was doing with Roma, all the drama leading upto the place. In between, he has some soft moments, which he later describes in final dialogue with Ayesha 'roma ab buri aadat ban chuki hai, usse peeche churaana mushkil hoga'.

Btw, special mention to that dialogue too, how well it connects to his own ciggerette habit. Might not be intentional, but that's how it came out.

So, the point is.. the whole Don-Roma sequence was nothing, but a part of plan for Don.

Now, the next thing is Priyanka Chopra.. why was her body language throughout the film so dull, and not interested kind. One way to look at it is, she really wasnt upto the mark in the film, and just sleep walked through the role. Other way is, its 5 yrs since her brother died. The hurt decreases with time, and to add to it.. she fell in love with Don himself, not Vijay. So, at one side, she was after Don, but at same time.. she knew that she might still be loving him. As a result, she is interested in getting Don, and not interested too. We see her getting emotional much easily by Don due to this in those final parts.

So, maybe taking the 2nd point into consideration, Priyanka Chopra did act very well. Plus, the film is aneways all about Don, the power he possesses. Still, as a viewer.. or as a lover of priyanka's acting, I wasn't satisfied with her.

Now, to some unintentional funny scenes... Did you notice, Jabbar is all the time after Don's head 'Karl, bring me his head'. And at one place, Don's punchline appears like forced (Remember, the film luck, we got numerous 'luck' based dialogues), it was the lift one 'don kabhi kuch nahi bhoolta'. The angle between Roma and Arjun, and Malik-Roma were the boring parts of the movie.. surely they were important in terms of narration and screenplay, but such was the effect of rest film!

The costumes were great for major portion of the film, except for Roma's white cop shirt that didn't look good on her and the scene where Don says 'main kisi tarah ka dabaav nahi daalna chahta (by the way that was a cleverly written line), that shot so much reminded of Ra.One, again it could be intentional but I feel it wasn't.

The Hrithik Roshan small cameo, though wonderfully used, with his dancing skills, and the Waltz theme. The flaw was, the voice!  Had they kept it in a way, that he doesn't need to speak, the scene would had become great in terms of logic. If you keep logic aside, and watch it as a cinematic sequence.. then it pretty well serves the purpose 'no autographs please'. But, I still would had preferred no voice only.

The scene where Sameer looks at the photo of his wife in laptop, and then calls police was a classy one! Because, it serves both ways, if you think he is in real calling as he realizes he is doing wrong work.. and after the last scene, you realize, he was just thinking abt her for once, and then just doing what don had asked, call police.

And Boman Irani's expression while he waited for clock to tick 5 o clock. It so much reminded me of the school days, where we keep checking the watch when the class will end, and looking at the teacher with a frustrated expression...

The scene where Roma is taken into hospital, and Don while going to car looking back.. that background theme, and roma opening eyes to see him.. and final bid to sameer by Don. All this reminds of the opposite scenario in Don, where Don went into ambulance.

Overall, Don2 appeals to me, for its direction, script, screenplay, shahrukh's performance, other supporting actors, and the style quotient above all. A thrilling and entertaining movie, with lots of great twists and punchlines.

Verdict : Excellent 

  Bas, ek baat hamesha yaad rakhna , Don ko pakarna mushkil hi nahi. . . . . . . .. ... 

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Film Review : Pappu Can't Dance Saala

Vinay Pathak has been terrible this year, with films like Bheja Fry, Jo Dooba So Paar and Tere Mere Phere. So, I was little doubtful if this film would be good. People like Ranvir Shorey praising the film on twitter, did make me feel easy while going to see the film, and it was pretty good.

The story is about Vidyadhar Acharya (Vinay Pathak) who is new to Mumbai, just got a job and a good room in Andheri W area, with a condition that he should never reveal that he works for private company. Soon, Mehak Malavde (Neha Dhupia), who practises dance under her teacher Rajat Kapoor.. also gets a room right opposite to Vidyadhar. The early fights between both happen, situation forces her to share room with him and the fights still continues. In the end, the story deals with how Vidyadhar copes with Mumbai, the people of Mumbai, and his neighbour come room-mate Mehak.

There are numerous good scenes in the beginning of the film, like Vidyadhar's arrival in Mumbai, the party scene, the meeting with flat ppl in the morning, the night terrace scene(interval one), Vidyadhar's problem with puri bhaji place. Vidyadhar is very 'chirchira' kind of person, yet very good at heart. While Mehak is modern girl, yet having all the good qualities a decent girl should have. Despite been opposite in their thoughts, and likings.. both of them become good friends, click with each other.. yet to take it further to love becomes hard for them.

The 1st half pretty much impresses, in 2nd half.. the film goes a bit down, especially the parting away and taking time to realise, thanks to the old cliche, a member from family giving you advice. All this makes the proceedings slow, add to a song inserted. Except for Zindagi song, and the neha dhupia introducing song.. there was no need of any other track in the film. Plus, the songs aren't good enough either.

Saurabh Shukla does a good work as a director. I think pappu can't dance saala title is used as a metaphor to Vidyadhar's coping to the lifestyle of Mumbai.

Rajat Kapoor was excellent as a dance teacher, and for me he has the best scene of the film where he uses Coffee as a medium to explain what one should do, if you love someone who is a bit bitter in nature.

Vinay Pathak does very well, though he does give the feel of, seen before character.. yet after his last few films, this one is a respite for sure.

Neha Dhupia looks beautiful, and very good performance too. Sometimes I feel, she has been doing decent work in last few yrs, without getting much recognition.

Sanjay Mishra has hardly any role. Same for Naseeruddin Shah, who must have done this film as a friend of some celeb I guess.

And yea special mention to the poem kinda of thing Vinay says when Neha insists during party scene.

Overall, Pappu Can't Dance Saala suffers due to slow 2nd half. But, as a whole the film is decent and watchable atleast once with good performances from Vinay, Neha and Rajat.

Verdict : Nice 

Film Review : Lanka

I went to see this film, only on account of 'Manoj Bajpayee' and if this surprises you, then for 'Tia Bajpai' too because I liked her in Haunted.

The story being of a girl Anju (Tia), suffering at the hands of Jaswant (Manoj) who loves her in a lustful way and isn't willing to accept the fact too. One of his old servant dies once, saving his life. Manoj takes responsiblity of his son, who returns after being away from his 'Bhaisaab'. The role played by Arjan Bajwa, he feels the pain Anju is going through. But, to help her.. would mean betray his own Bhaisaab. The story tilts between these three characters, with political and police angles too.

The main problem for me in this film was the Direction, and the storytelling. At many places, Maqbool Khan didn't bring the emotions a particular sequence required, either he kept the scene too tight, or way too slow. The narration was very un-interesting, it engages you only in intervals. The side stories of inspector played by Yashpal Sharma doesn't help either as his character I felt was very half baked. The songs didn't help the film screenplay either, with only Iltija sounding good to ears.

The camera-work was good. Editing was okay.

Manoj Bajpayee gave a very good performance, he was improvising a lot, especially the laugh he ends up during most of conversations with Arjan. Arjan Bajwa was a weak link, in past I have liked him as a actor but maybe this role wasn't meant for him, his performance was pretty average.

And Tia Bajpai should do different role next time, because to see her twice in a row in exactly the same role, where she suffers and requires help is asking a bit too much. Also, felt her performance this time around was less convincing. Yashpal Sharma was good, despite not having much scope in his role.

Overall, Lanka ends up as a below average film. Poor treatment makes the film suffer, Manoj bajpayee's performance alone couldn't save it for me.

Verdict : Below Average

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Film Review : Ladies vs Ricky Bahl

Its a trend that director's like to repeat the same team for their next film. Many become a regular's too. Maneesh Sharma, the director of Band Baaja Baaraat returns with his 2nd film.. taking same 2 leads Ranveer Singh and Anushka Sharma, and very much the similar technicians. Only the plot and theme has changed this time around, along with 3 extra females playing much more than a supporting role.

The story being about a conman Ricky (Ranveer Singh) who cons 30 ladies that includes Dimple (Parineeti Chopra), Raina (Dipannita Sharma) and Saira (Aditi Sharma). The 3 ladies decide to take revenge from Ricky, the plan is worked out by the intelligent Raina among them.. by setting a trap in form of Ishika (Anushka Sharma). But, will it work or fall back on them only...

The story to be frank didn't interest me much. Not anything unique or never tried formula. What makes it work are few factors : Characterisation of the film, Performances by everyone, Catchy music(though its below the band baaja baaraat mark) and Editing.

Dimple, a rich spoilt kid, very talkative and bit childish in her thoughts.. Raina, into the corporate world, a work oriented girl... Saira, too innocent.. with the small town girl backdrop. All three look like they belong to the characters. Even the screenplay is well built upto the 2nd con. Its only after the 3rd con that it begins on a one way note.

Another drawback of the film is, trying to give 2 songs to introduce both main leads i.e Ranveer and Anushka. If you ask me, I consider Anushka not a lead in this film at all. She has almost same (or maybe little less) role as the other 3 ladies have. The ideal scenario would had been, to put the opening credits with 'Jigar da tukda' song which was very well choreographed and had a slight non-realistic feel.While 'Aadat se majboor' should had been used as background showing quick 4-5 further cons of Ranveer with dialogues. And, the jazba track again used as background when Ishika leaves for Goa. This way, all the 3 songs would had served the purpose.. for now, they all appear wrongly fitted into the movie.

Ranveer Singh shines in the conman's role. He does show some resemblance to Bittu (only slightly). This film proves that, he is here to stay for long ofcourse if the success doesn't get over his head. His expressions are completely spot on, dialogue delivery will improve as he goes on.

Anushka Sharma, doesn't have a convincing role this time around, yet she makes the best out of what she is offered.

Parineeti Sharma is the star of the film among the females easily. Great start to her acting career, won't be surprised if she gets more offers after this act.

Dipannita looked cool, playing the role of a working woman and a revenge seeker very well. Aditi Sharma looked so innocent and good in her costumes, and acted good too.

Writing in 2nd half was one of major reason why the film doesn't completely live upto the expectations. The gathering of material at a cheaper rate, and selling at high rate sequences repeated twice wasn't required. The climax, one may argue is right or wrong. The director does actually succeed in giving many options happening in the end. Maybe, he went for the more expected one.. could had surprised a bit, might had worked more. Though, I have no complaints with the chosen climax, just that it comes out pretty straightforward.. little drama could had enhanced it more.

Editing by Namrata Rao is excellent. One of my fav editors, the fast cuts and unique camera angles she choses makes the viewing so much interesting. Infact, in the songs you can see super fast cuts used with so many different camera angles kept. She is very innovative...

Dialogues are less effective this time around, only a few make a mark.. rest end up average.

Someone from the team is a admirer of Shahrukh Khan it appears, like the last film, here also.. he is used in the narrative, this time even more, with the use of his dialogue from a film that has a role to play in the cons.

Overall, Ladies vs Ricky Bahl is a pretty good film, just that it falls below the 'Very Good' mark. If you go to watch this film without any expectations (which thankfully I did due to uninteresting promos), then chances are you won't be dissappointed.

Verdict : Nice 

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Film Review : The Dirty Picture

Once upon a time in Mumbaai, Milan Luthria's last film was one of my fav films, it still is. The reason was, the screenplay, the powerful dialogues, the background score and the main two lead actor performances. THE DIRTY PICTURE falls short in each of these aspects, unfortunately.

Firstly, its not clear even after the end of the film, whether Milan wanted to portray the real 'Silk' or he just took her apperance and profession, and made it fictional. If its taken into account that it was both real and fictional, then too the flaws are in plenty. The narrative is linear, I agree that Milan wanted to show the Vidya Balan we know in start, and the transformation happening into the sex symbol 'Silk', but after that some non linear narrative could had helped the narrative. But, it goes in a straightforward manner...

Vidya Balan's performance is no doubt top notch, but her character gets too vulgar for my liking at various places. She does whatever comes in her mind, she feels its the only way for her success, and eventually her sex symbol turns out to be her downfall too. Even her downfall is shown in a hurry and unconvincing way, it just all of a sudden happens.

Plus, the voiceover of Emraan Hashmi after a certain point gets over-done. Sure, some of his punchlines are very well written, especially the one where he indirectly relates to his own reel life status.

Out of the 3 male leads, only Naseeruddin Shah gives a good performance, thanks to well written role. A superstar, who knows how to raise Silk and also bring her down(much like Arbaaz in Fashion). Tusshar Kapoor and Emraan Hashmi fail mainly because of badly written characters. Tusshar is more or less in a cameo in film, his love for Silk sounds very wierd. His performance was decent, his cut-away shot dancing madly was my fav one.

Emraan Hashmi shines only because of the punchlines he gets to speak in the whole film, as a performer he has very less scope in his role. During the award stage scene of Silk, Emraan's expression should had been more properly directed, because its there when his change in heart actually began towards Silk. Sure, it totally completed only after that triple role film competition. Eventually what happens is that, we don't really feel any connect for his liking that develops for Silk. As a result, his final scene with Silk also goes pretty much motionless.

Also, my complain continues against directors for trying to make a mockery of showing a film within a film so badly. Most of Naseeruddin films, appear such trash, same for the triple role films both Silk and Emraan indulge in seperately. Were the south films so bad in 80's ? If so, then I will take away my complain.

The music kept growing slowly on me, its not a chartbuster kind of album. Some songs goes well the narrative. 'Oh la la' is a visual treat. Honeymoon ki raat though kept at right place, is poorly choreographed. Ishq Sufiyana is the only song, that could had been removed.. only if Emraan's character was well written, this song would had made any impact.

The background score at places was good, nakka mukka was used very well at different places in the film.

Some of the notable sequences of the film :

• Silk running away from her house, and the visuals along with Emraan's narration telling that the paths create itself as she moves on roads.

• Various punchlines of Silk, 'main entertainment hoon', 'Bas mann mein aaya aur kar diya', 'ek ke saath 500 baar'.

• Silk finding a way to help journalist shoot her, and not her small home .. and getting more footage in a magazine than Naseeruddin who has a big home.

• The interval sequence, Silk letting her anger out on people present there who are not really happy for her win. Only prob though, she shifts from mic and speaks to such large audience.. can they really hear it that way ? But the end of this scene is classic 'main silk hoon silk, koi film nahi .. jo interval ke baad badal jaaye'.

• Emraan's dialogue referring to his own reel image, in a scene with Silk.

• The dance of Silk on her car trying to spoil a journalist party.

Overall, Dirty Picture fails to impress because of its execution and writing both. The fall of Silk is too quick, so is the love of Abraham(Emraan) for Silk. Its hard to sympathise with Silk at her helplessness even in the scene where she shouts loudly because she feels so lonely with no one to talk to her. Vidya Balan did give her everything in this film, yet despite a great performance, the film offers nothing worth remembering. The film would be loved only by the cheap aam janta as the sexual content is in plenty, and the various celeb fans out of all 4 leads. For rest, this film is just one time watch...

Verdict : Below Average

3D Movies

There has been a lots of 3d hindi films coming this year. It started with Haunted, then Ra.One and now Don2. While Joker was officially the 1st one to be declared as 3d film, coming next year. Hollywood aneways produces plenty of 3d films, 'The adventures of Tintin' and 'Puss in Boots' being the only films I have seen till now. 'Wall-E' is the only film that I consider pending among animation films, heard a lot good about it.

I didn't see Haunted in 3d. But rest films, I have seen in 3d and what I wonder is that does 3D means a content like in a film we have drama, action etc. Or does it mean that the entire film should be shaped up in 3d. If its the latter then the films haven't been upto the mark in terms of 3d for me. There are far few scenes that actually make 3d viewing effective. And then the negative thing is you can't enjoy the visuals/cinematography of the film. The glasses reduce the effect a lot.

Either I haven't seen the films that are totally enriched of 3d or I have wrong opinion about 3d films. For now, I believe that a 3d film should not mean 15-20 mins of 3d and rest is normal stuff. Maybe, my views change with time as I am still a newbie in this 3d films viewing.


The Adventures of Tintin/Puss in the Boots

I am yet to understand animation genre. Lack of proper knowledge makes it hard, especially how to judge it. When many people liked The Adventures of Tintin, I would it just about nice.. at places bit boring. But yesterday, when I saw Puss in the Boots(thanks to masand and one more review, forcing me to see it.. few occasions when reviews made me see a film) I enjoyed it a lot.

I don't know if as a animation film, it was upto the mark or not. But as a comedy adventure film, I liked it a lot. Plus, the cat character always has been one of my favs whenever I have seen cartoons too. The sequence, where he drinks milk, or dances with the female cat or the hillarious dialogues on dog and many more, made the film very enjoyable. Plus the looks of Kitty, Puss and Humpy were very good, and the dubbing suited it. Also, special mention to the young Puss scene, where he just meows for some mins without saying a word.

Even in Tintin, there were some good moments, though I liked the captain more in the film, than tintin himself. Also, 3d in both these films was nice, but not really required(more on 3d in next post).

In the past I had seen Roadside Romeo(1st animation film I saw) and Toonpur ka Superhero(not fully animated). Both were hindi films, Roadside Romeo was nice, little over the top while Toonpur ka Superhero wasnt upto the mark in its execution of the story.

Apart from how well the animation was judgement, two other problems for me in animation films are, connectivity factor is less and since I have seen less cartoons, I have very less knowledge, hence a scene's motive becomes hard to guess.

I remember a guy who was into animation course, and always use to comment the most on animation films only, while I was there on orkut. It used to surprise me, how there are people who are so fond of animation films, but then it was his career, so quite expected.

Aneways, I won't stop watching the animation films despite all this. I have plans to watch Arthur Christmas too this December. Lets see, how that one goes...

Film Review : Desi Boyz

Rohit Dhawan, son of David Dhawan with his debut film. One may expect a silly comedy film, but as his interviews suggested, he is not into same kind of comedy genre. Desi Boyz does show some glimpse of his saying, but in totality the film fails to deliver.

The story of 2 friends who in the times of recession, decide to become male escorts though influence of  Jerry (Akshay Kumar) is more here than Nick (John Abraham). We have seen female escort films in past like Rani's Laaga chunari mein daag or many other films have female escorts in substantial roles. Desi Boyz could be among those few films where we see the male escorts shown in detail.

But the escort angle is limited to just 1st half. Infact till 1st Half, the film goes pretty fine. Its the post-interval where it starts slipping away terribly. Nick trying to seek sorry from Radhika (Deepika Padukone) destroys major part of 2nd half, a predictable one. The screenplay dissappoints, so does the writing that is limited to same old seen stuff. While the climax contradicts a lot to the early mentioned story.. making a mockery of the film itself.

Also, a mention to the silly court scene.. does a comedy film you can make fun of court rules this way. Remember, the play scene on stage in 'Jaane bhi do yaaro', how well it was executed.. its all about the execution and thinking. Even the kid relation with Akshay, couldn't bring that emotional feeling it should had except for a odd scene or two.

Chitrangda is limited to small role, wonder why she even agreed to do the film. Also, poor costumes given to her in the film. Even in the allah maaf kare song, at places she appeared misfit. But, a proper commercial film would reveal better about her acting abilities in such films.

John Abraham has improved his comedy skills, yet he is far away to be admired in this genre.. inconsistent as always. Though girls loved to see him in police uniform scene, lots of whistles.  Akshay Kumar at places showed repititivity signs, but on the whole.. he was efficient and very much likeable in the film. The chemistry between Akshay and John is very good, they could make a good pair in action films in my view than the comedy.

Deepika Padukone could had skipped doing this film. But then she wanted to do a commerical film, although she has very less scenes to shine out. Anupam Kher is brilliant even in a small role, special mention to the court scene where he and Deepika share a great scene 'kuch miss toh nahi hua ? Nahi, popcorn aur pepsi nahi laayi ? ' ..

Sanjay Dutt in a over the top role was decent, the khal nayak background theme on him was a very good idea. Omi Vaidya career won't last long, with the irritating similar tone acting in all films.

There are scenes where both male leads, communicate without speaking directly.. those were very well directed by Rohit. Also, the sequence where Nick and Jerry meet the Desi Boyz owner, i.e Sanjay Dutt. And the pre title song scene...

The songs are well used in accordance with the screenplay chosen. Pritam gave very good music, not kind to remember in long run but worth a listen especially title track and tu mera hero.

Overall, Desi Boyz despite poor 2nd half and bad screenplay.. has its share of good comic moments. Decent enough one time watch.

Verdict : Average