Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Film Review : Aakrosh

Two CBI Officers, Siddhant(Akshay Khanna) and Pratap(Ajay Devgan) are given the case of 3 medical college students who have gone missing. They start their investigation, but the village where those 3 boys were seen last doesnt co-operate with them. The people have a fear that stops them in helping or giving any clue to the officers. To make the matters worse, the police they deal with is highly corrupt, with the charge inspector being Ajatshatru(Paresh Rawal). How, these cbi officers gather proofs and solve this case is what this drama thriller deals with.

The film starts on a serious note, with the credits shown along with the real incidents in form of newspaper news. The story takes its time to get to the culmination, though a drawback here is that we as a audience are certain where it will go except for some twists here and there. But, what we are trying to see is how it reaches there.

Even though the film was told to be a entertainer, one feels that the subject of Honour Killings could had been used more as a message striving film then a thriller, as in the end the film doesnt quite thrills you even though it has quite much entertainment value throughout.

Still, the film works mainly due to the performances of the leads, great action sequences and screenplay that keeps you involved though it does test you at places, because the editing is improper. The entire car chase sequence including the train stunt was excellent, while the Roof chase so much reminded of the "Black Friday" Cop Chase.

Some Dialogues are powerful and worth to be remembered, specially Ajay's take on Confidence and the main one on Diwali.

The pre-climax looked pretty stupid to me, but thankfully the scene it was leading to made the proceedings look good.

Among Performances,

Ajay Devgan, excels in a role that's pretty much tailormade for him. Another film added to the list of very good performances by him.I specially loved the scenes where he shows his anger, or the light sequence where he questions a co officer if Siddhant would had really shooted.

Akshay Khanna, is a touch loud. Also, the camera zooms too much on him which doesnt look good. A decent performance in the end I would say.

Paresh Rawal is excellent as a corrupt policeman. Though, we have seen him do such roles with ease in past, but we would anyday prefer to see him in these roles rather then the comedy ones.

Bipasha Basu is hardly there for few scenes, and she looks out of touch in those scenes too, leaving asides Saude Baazi song where she is excellent.

The rest cast is the typical Priyadarshan regulars, who didnt do anything worth a note.

Saude Baazi is used very badly in the narrative, although one would love to see it purely due to the romantic clips and the melodious music that runs through the song. Isak se meetha is used very well, Sameera Reddy doesnt come close to match Beedi Jalaaliye.

Overall, Aakrosh is good enough one time watch in theatre. Priyadarshan does try to get into a serious cinema  but not able to give full justice to it. Nevertheless, worth a try then those silly comedy films.

Rating : 2.95 Out of 5

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