Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Music Review : Striker

Starcast : Siddharth, Padmapriya, Nicolette Bird, Aditya Pancholi, Anupam Kher, Ankur Vikal, Seema Biswas.
Director : Chandan Arora
Music Director : Many(mentioned with each song)

Aim laga ungli chala
Singer- Blaaze, Composer - Blaaze, Lyrics - Nitin Raikwar, Blaaze
The song is like motivating a player in the game of carrom, the beats are nice though the rhthym and lyrics dont go well. As a background, the song may work though, else quite below the mark.
Verdict -> Below Average

Maula ajab teri karni maula
Singer - Swanand Kirkire, Composer - Swanand Kirkire, Lyrics - Swanand Kirkire
The song has religious sentiments as visible by the title. The lyrics are very good but a weak composition makes it very restrictive turning out to be a average song in the end. Swanand Kirkire has sung it quite well, though not among his bests.
Verdict -> Average

Pia saanvara tarsa raha
Singer - Sunidhi Chauhan, Composer - Shailendra Barve, Lyrics - Jitendra Joshi
Sunidhi has sung the song really well. I guess this song will be on Padmapriya describing her character. Lyrics are good. The song though requires a certain mood for repetitive listening.
Verdict -> Nice

Yun hua raat yeh
Singer - Vishal Bharadwaj, Composer - Vishal Bharadwaj, Lyrics - Gulzar
You expect awesome lyrics from Gulzar, and you get them in this song. You expect awesome composition from Vishal Bharadwaj and you dont get that this time. The song has too much of Kaminey meets U me aur hum in it throughout, so much that it fails to give a original impact. A song I wont like to remember. Sadly, its Siddharth's fav song from the film unfortunately not the same for me.
Verdict -> Below Average

Haq se le haq se
Singer - Siddharth and Yuvan, Composer - Yuvan Shankar Raja, Lyrics - Nitin Raikwar
Very good composition, the flute tune used in the starting of the song is really impressive. The lyrics though doesnt match up with the feel of the song at places.Siddharth and Yuvan has sung it quite well. The song is basically about 2 friends out of which one is telling other to play and win, only then the world will know you.
Verdict -> Good

Cham cham
Singer - Sonu Nigam, Composer - Shailendra Bharve, Lyrics - Jitendra Joshi
It wont be easy for anyone to tell that its sonu who has sung it if you dont reveal the name of singer and ask a person to listen this song. He so beautifully sings it in a different tone. The composition is beautiful and extremely romantic. The background vocals of "ra ra re ra rup tap ra re ra" make the song more loving. Even the lyrics are so romantic, with a line on the character for whom the male actor sings the song "noor barse nazar se noorie tujhmein basi hai meri jaan". The song tells the feelings of a boy who has just fallen in love.
Verdict -> Outstanding

Bombay bombay
Singer -> Siddharth, Composer - Amit Trivedi, Lyrics - Prashant Ingole
I really love when a song is done on a city or country. Be it govinda's bambai or Amrish puri's yeh mera india or Abhishek's yeh delhi hai mere yaar. And now, another one added to it, Bombay bombay(not Mumbai Mumbai) as the song is filmed on 1985 when it was Bombay only. Add to it that the composer is none other than Amit Trivedi. The composition though will remind you a bit of Aamir(rajeev khandelwal film) without a doubt.But the good thing is it doesnt last for long. The vocals by Siddharth surprised me, never knew he was so good in playback. He has some dialogues in starting, middle and end, and then ofcourse the rest is his singing part. While the song very well portrays the city, the city of dreams that never sleeps. Only wish I had was the song to be 1 min longer though its already a 5 min song, so being a touch greedy. /) The tunes used are fantastic especially during the starting, the song just makes u go mad.
Verdict -> Outstanding

My Picks :

Lyrics - Cham Cham, Maula and Yun Hua

Vocals - Sonu Nigam, Siddharth, Yuvan and Sunidhi Chauhan

Background Tunes - Bombay Bombay, Haq se and Cham cham.

Best Songs of Album : Cham Cham and Bombay Bombay

Overall, Striker is a refreshing album, with different type of songs from different composers. Some work while some dont, nevertheless the album is worth a listen.

Album Rating : 3.25 Out of 5