Sunday, 20 September 2009

Film Review : Dil Bole Hadippa

The film had something missing in it, probably the emotions didnt come out properly, the only reason due to which I couldnt really laugh as I should in the scenes, I couldnt get emotional as I should in the scenes or I couldnt get angry as I should in the scenes.

Even the climax speech didnt really impress me a bit.

But Rani's performance was again outstanding. I specially loved her transformation into the role of Veer Pratap left te right hand batsmen. Specially that scene, where Veer is telling the khaamiya present in Rohan(Shahid Kapur). That along with the date scene were probably the only 2 scenes that I completely loved in the film.

The finale was so so filmy and so much predictable. Its high time that cricket is used not in so funny way in the films that the directors end up now. They are just making fun of the game, expecting us to believe last wicket will score so many runs at such fast pace.

I loved Shahid Kapur playing as a batsmen, no wonder actors know to get into the cricket mode so easily, firstly Hurman and now Shahid. It looked so real to me, the shot from the backfoot to the offside for a six was simply awesome which he hits when Veer is unable to hit due to injury.

1st Half was nice, I loved Bhangra Bistar song, high on energy. Ofcourse, Tu hi hai rab was the best one of the all in the film.

2nd Half was not as good and went on the low side.

In terms of performances, Shahid Kapur was good but there were flaws in his acting visible at many places.

Rani was flawless and gave a superb performance though again in a film that wasnt good in terms of direction.

Anupam Kher and Poonam Dillion were good in their supporting roles, completely justified that their roles werent etched out which I feel wasnt even required.

Rakhi Sawant was fine. Sherlyn Chopra was a touch irritating, only added to the glamour quotient.

Overall, Dil Bole Hadippa could had been a better film, had the emotions of the main characters more visible. Somehow, I couldnt really feel it in majority of the scenes. The predictable scenes shouldnt have been predictable. Also, why every film starts with ek onkar theme only. Aneways, its just a one time watch film for me.

Direction : 2.50 Out of 5
Screenplay : 2.75 Out of 5
Satisfaction of Genre : 2.5 Out of 5
Dialogues : 2.5 Out of 5
Cinematography : 2.75 Out of 5
Choreography : 3 Out of 5
Entertainment Value : 3 Out of 5
Performances : 3 Out of 5
Story : 3 Out of 5
Background Music : 3.25 Out of 5
Music : 3.40 Out of 5

Film Rating : 2.70 Out of 5 (Average)

Recommendation : Watch it for Rani, else skip it.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Film Review : Wanted

I loved the 1st half of the film with small hiccups otherwise completely entertaining but 2nd half was on the wrong side with 2 unwanted songs and some scenes falling flat.

Climax was good. The best thing of the film was the amazing screen presence of Salman Khan. He was fantastic for me, be it his style or attitude, or his dance steps.

Ayesha Takia was good, she looks so cute. That Gannibhai villain did really well . Mahesh Manjerakar was superb. Also, that fatty guy(forgot his name) did well in a small cameo. Namdev was as his usual stuff.Vinod Khanna was nice though his 1st dialogue made me feel someone else is dubbing for him.

Action scenes were excellent. Screenplay was good but could had been better. Some of the dialogues were very good, specially salman ones. Choreography was superb as expected from Prabhu Deva, with a small surprise in one song from him.

Songs were really bad for me. I hardly liked any song from the film. Only good thing was to see the steps of salman in each of those songs.

Overall, Wanted is a good timepass entertaining film for most parts of the film. Cut the film by about 15 mins in 2nd half and it would had been complete paisa wasool.

Direction : 3.25 Out of 5
Screenplay : 3 Out of 5
Satisfaction of Genre : 4 Out of 5
Dialogues : 3.5 Out of 5
Cinematography : 3.25 Out of 5
Choreography : 4 Out of 5
Entertainment Value : 4 Out of 5
Performances : 3.5 Out of 5
Story : 3 Out of 5
Background Music : 2.75 Out of 5
Music : 1.75 Out of 5

Film Rating : 3.35 Out of 5 (Good)

Recommendation : If you like watching masala entertainers, then dont miss it, you would like this one too. And ofcourse, sallu fans should love film, amazing screen presence.